Common Water Damage Causes

Common Water Damage Causes

Wherever you are in the United States, you’ve likely experienced the discomfort and inconvenience of water-related damage. Indoor flooding is one of the leading causes of property damage in the country. It can create health risks by providing a prime breeding ground for mold growth and exposing residents to unhygienic conditions.

Perfection Property Restoration can help you rebound from water damage created by any number of issues. Some of the most common causes include:

  1. Roof leaks. Water damage may be coming from your roof, which is your home's first line of protection against the elements. Likely causes of leaks include shingles that are missing, worn out or displaced. Holes in the roof also will allow rainwater to drip into your home.

  2. Overflow from the HVAC system. If components in your HVAC system are worn, that could create leaks that lead to drips and property damage. To avoid these issues, have your HVAC technician perform routine maintenance every six months.

  3. Plumbing issues. Toilet overflows, clogged drains and other plumbing issues are common sources of water-related damage. That is why you should have your plumbing checked regularly, to avoid problems related to clogged drains and pipes that can damage your indoor space. 

  4. Burst pipes. Rust, deterioration, and undue water pressure can strain your pipes, causing them to burst. Pressure can build from frozen water or clogs inside the pipes. The best way to mitigate this problem is to flush out the pipes periodically to avoid clogs.

  5. Overflow from nearby bodies of water. If your home or office is located near a river, lake, creek, pond or another body of water, then you’re vulnerable to overflowing water during major storms. Take the warnings from your weather bureau seriously, and anticipate floods by securing windows and applying sandbags, if needed.

  6. Leaks and flooding after a hurricane or other natural disaster. The most dangerous water damages are caused by natural disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes. Strong winds may damage your home or office and allow outside water to flood in. When that happens, this is the time to be alert. Unplug your electrical appliances, water-proof your valuables, and anticipate professional restoration work to be done soon.

Recover from Water-Related Damage with Perfection Property Restoration

Luckily, it’s possible to get your home interior back to a state of “perfection” after water-related damage. This commitment holds true for Perfection Property Restoration, a company that has the expertise and the equipment to remediate water damage. The Perfection crew has you covered from sewage removal to dehumidification.

We offer water damage restoration for customers in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa, including same-day response to any residential, commercial, industrial, or educational facility that has been affected by water damage. Perfection will work round-the-clock to restore everything back to normal. You can visit our Contact Us page or call us at 815-427-4636. Our emergency line is open 24/7!



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