The Hidden Dangers of Soot

The Hidden Dangers of SootSmoke and soot damage feels like a trivial matter in the grand scheme of things after a fire has ravaged your home or business, causing structural damage in the process. But it is very significant. Most people aren’t aware of the many hidden dangers of soot, so we detail the hazards for you below.

Soot Affects Your Indoor Air Quality

Soot particles are very small. They're smaller than fine sand from the beach. If you enjoy lighting candles at home, your air filters may be blackened from all the captured soot.

Your indoor air quality can be extremely compromised by the presence of this common contaminant, and a fire is not the only way to proliferate the presence of soot particles. Fragrant candles made with synthetic materials also emit toxic soot, as well as outdated, inefficient furnaces.

Inhaling Soot Particles is Dangerous To Your Health

At only 2 and a half micrometers in diameter, soot is very easy to inhale. Understandably, inhaling soot can lead to a variety of mild to severe health issues and complications. When a person inhales soot-contaminated air, the soot particles travel directly to the lungs and embed themselves there.

Even a small amount of inhaled soot particles can exacerbate symptoms in those whose systems are already weakened. Sustained exposure to soot can lead to bronchitis, coronary heart disease, certain cancers and irreparable lung damage. Studies have shown that approximately 20,000 people die every year due to exposure to soot particles. It is also responsible for up to 300,000 asthma attacks every year and is a major cause of respiratory illnesses in workers, resulting in 2 million workdays’ worth of losses annually.

Soot Buildup is a Fire Hazard

Large deposits of soot, particularly in homes that contain more than one fireplace, can ignite and create a chimney fire. That’s why it’s important to keep your chimneys clean and well-maintained.

Call Perfection Property Restoration for Soot Remediation

Soot damage isn’t merely cosmetic. It is a biohazard that poses a clear and present danger to you and your loved ones that should be eliminated by a professional. Perfection Property Restoration performs soot remediation as part of its fire damage restoration services. Also, our company deals with water damage, content restoration, and mold remediation. Call us at 815-427-4636 today or leave a message on our Contact Us page to get started.


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