Water Damage After a House Fire

Water Damage After a House Fire

When a fire hits your house, the damage that you will primarily be concerned about would be the damage caused by the flames. Next would be the damage that is caused by the smoke and soot that is the byproduct of the fire. Some people believe that these are the only things that can cause damage to a home during a fire but, did you know that the water used to douse the flames can also cause damage to your home and everything in it?

Yes, water damage can and will happen when a home is damaged by a fire. The water that is used by the firefighters to put the flame out will need to be handled since this will get into floorboards, furniture, and other parts of your home. It does not matter how big or how small a fire is, when firefighters respond to the emergency, their primary goal is to put out the flames and they will use water for this.

What to Do After a House Fire

Once firefighters announce that the fire is out, there are a few things you need to do. For starters, you need to contact your insurance provider immediately. You will also need to follow a protocol to ensure that you won’t void your insurance and your claim is approved. The next thing you need to do is to call your trusted restoration company.

When you contact your insurance provider and when you are going to file a claim to get the financial assistance you need for help in restoring your home, the steps you need to follow include:

  1. Document everything – don’t move anything, don’t touch anything, don’t throw anything away just yet. Document the damage as best as you can with video footage, pictures, and lists. If you need help doing this, your restoration specialist can assist. Try not to disturb the area where the fire happened so that it is preserved and can be seen by your adjuster as is when they survey the property to qualify your claim.
  2. Wait for your adjuster – most insurance companies require that properties remain as is when claims are made so they can give the right amount to the person making the claim. Any changes that are made before your adjuster arrives can affect the outcome of your claim, so waiting for your adjuster to survey your property and the damage before doing anything is crucial to your claim.
  3. Have your home fixed by a reputable restoration expert – once your insurance adjuster has come and gone, you can have your home fixed by a property restoration expert. Find one that many people trust and one that can handle both fire and water damage. In Chicagoland, the company to call for help with this is Perfection Property Restoration. Trusting in a reputable restoration company for help in restoring your home will give you back the home you love in as close to original form as possible and will relieve some of the stress that you will feel when trying to get things back to normal after a fire.

Call Us to Get the Help That You Need

Seeing your home up in flames is devastating enough. You don’t need the added stress of worrying about how to restore your home to the way it was. Trust this to Perfection Property Restoration and we will get your home back to its former glory in as little time as possible. Aside from fire damage restoration, we can also handle water damage restoration, content restoration, and the reconstruction of parts of your home that have been devastated by this event. We can even help you with your insurance claims if you find this task confusing and nerve-wracking.

Simply contact us at 815-427-4636 and we will walk you through the process as well as give you an estimate after an assessment of your homes and your restoration needs.

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